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Theo's Favorite World Knife links
Shops online A-Z
Swords & Armour
USA Knivelinks, all sorts of
USA Shops onLine
Theo's Favorite USA Knivelinks
Deception Cutlery by Theo - Minature Cutlery
Theo's Knive Pages - Updated 21-04-'02

 About Steel

Principle of Heat Treating
Steel FAQ
Talonite FAQ


Ancientarms - Real Antique
Antique Knives
Apacheria Traders
Arms to Armor - Swords, Knives
Blunderbuss Antiques
Fine Antique Arms
Gutterman Historical Weapons
Les Adamson Antique Arms
LionGate Arms & Armour
Old Swords
Oriental-Arms - Antique Asian and African Weapons
Tudon Antiques
Whisnant Galleries


Nimba Anvils
Old World Anvils - All Steel Anvils

 Associations & Clubs

AISCA Associazione Italiana
Australian Knifemaker Guild Inc.
Balisong Knife Collector's Page
Belgian Knife's Society
Bergslagens Knivgille
Brazilian Blade Collectors
Canadian Knifemakers Guild
Dalarnas Knivförening
European Knive Directory
Fannefjorden Knivforening (N)
Firearms Engraver Guild (USA)
Grundsunda Knivgille
Guilde Francaise des Couteliers Forgerons
Herbertz Messerclub
Hobbyportalen - Norway
HTM - Klubben
Hälsinge knivförening
Japan Knife Guild
Japan Sword Preservation Society
Knifeclub - China
Knifemakers Guild of Southern Africa
Le Club Laguiole
Norrländsk Knivförening
Norsk Knivforening
Orsa Knivförenings
RusKnife (Ru)
Smålands Knivemakare
Stockholms Knivförening
Sundsvalls Knivgille
Svensk knivförening
Söderhamns Knivgille
Sølvkniven, Kongsberg
Token Society
Upplands knivklubb
Vestfold knivlag

 Auction Online

AuctionAddict.com Collectibles
Blade Auction
Collectable Bayonets And Militaria For Sale
Gun & Knife Auctions
J. Bruce Voyles Auctioneers
KnifeHunt.com - Visual Auction


Gränsfors Bruks
Longmire, Alan - Hand-Forged Axes
Nordheimsmia (N)
Omega Artworks
Snow & Nealley Axes
Vines, Virgil - Full time blacksmith


A world of Balisong techniques
Balisong Knife Collector's Page
Balisong Sweden
Balisongknives - Yahoo! Clubs
Morel, Guillaume
Urban Legends


Bajonette des deutschen Kaiserreich
Bayonet Collector's Web Ring
Bayonet Forum
Bayonet Page
Bayonet Passion
Bayonet Trader
Collectionneurs de Baïonnettes.
Denner, John C. Co.
John C. Denner Co
K98k Bayonet Collector's Network
Kel's Militaria
Les Adamson Antique Arms
Maddox - Collector of Bayonets
Markings on British and Commonwealth Bayonets
Old Smithy Cottage
Per's Home Page, Bayonets of Scandinavia
Polish Military Page
Sarco Collectible Bayonets
Society of American Bayonet Collectors
Thartson Press - Specialist Bayonet Books
The Armoury
The Bayo-Hunter
The Bayonet Connection
The Brothers
The Japanese bayonets page
US Bayonet ID


Antracit - smide och metallhantverk
Aurora Forge - Hand Forged Ironwork
Centaur Forge, Ltd.
Elementa: tout sur l'artisanat des métaux
Ellingsen, Øyvin - Brenselforretning
Emerald Isle Forge
Forge Project
Le Feu de Forge
LM&F Company
Metal-Crafts Australia
Reil, Ron - Forge and Burner Design
Smedning og Knive (Dk)
The American Bladesmith Society
The art of Bladesmithing
The Guild of Metalsmiths
Tilt Hammer


Action Books Publishers
AKC Publications & Video
Barnes & Noble - Book Search
Bayonets, Swords & Knives
Bernard Levine - Knife Expertise
Books for Knife Collectors
Bushido Books
Dove - Resource Book Shelf
Gun & KnifeBooks
Japanese sword books
Knife World Publications
Right Hook
Silvey - Books
SkipJack Press
The Knife Company - KnifeBooks


Antler Carving and Custom Knives

 Cut Safely

Lägerelden - Hantverk - Tälja (S)

 Collector Site

Arms and Armour
Australasian Knife Collectors Club
Balisong Knife Collector's Page
Balisong Knife Collectors
Big Sky Collector Knives
Buck Collector's Club
Collectionnez les baïonnettes.
Collector Cafe
Collector Knives
Derek Complin: British Military Bayonet Collector
Exquisite Knives
Gerber, Jack - Miniature Collector
Heritage Collectables
Hizen Tadayoshi - Robertshaw, Roger J
Kelley's Military Antiques
Lacey's Collectibles
Linwood's Collectible Pocket Knives
MacKnife Gallery
Maddox, J. Collector of Bayonets
Military Knives & Collectibles
PTS Investments
The Art Knife Collector's Association
The Case Collector's Club
The Swordcollector
The Woodblock Collector Homepage (Ru)
Un monde de couteaux
Worldwide Collectibles

 Damascus Steel Blades

A brief history of Damascus steel
Acier Damas
Blades and More
Damascene Technique in Metal Working
Damascus from Don Fogg
Damascus Steel - Hand Forged Knives
Damaszener Stahl - Geschichte
Damaszener Stahl - Manfred Sachse
Devin Thomas Damascus
Emeriau, Georges - Damascus Steel
Fiorini, William - Metalsmith
Gustafsson, Johan - Damascus Knives
Kain Designs
La Coutellerie d'Art
Nizhny Novgorod Blade
Petersen, Mike - Damascus & Mokume
Rebirth of Bulat Steel
Salamander Armoury-Pattern Welding
Stamascus Knife Works Corp.
Stienen, Peter John - Damaszener
The Key Role of Impurities in Ancient Damascus Steel Blades
Walker,Michael - Damasteel
What's Damascus? - D.C. Munroe


A.G. Russell Knife Encyclopedia
Steel designations and compositions

 Engraving & Etching

Alfano, Sam - Engraver
Anne's corner - Engraving & Scrimshaw
Bates, Billy - Engraving
Boucher, Richard R. - Masterengraver
Brooks Burt - Engraving
Cover, Ray - Fine Art Engraving
Downing, Jim - Fine Engraving
Duguet, Thierry - Gun and Knife Engraver
Eaton, Rick - Engraving
Engraving and Carving Tool
Flannery, Jeff - Engraving
Francine Etched Knives
G.S.Pedretti Incisori
Hand Engraving School
Hand Engraving Tools
Harrington, Fred
Harris, David Wade - Master Engraver
Horvath Engravers (Guns)
Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt Steyr
Lindsay Engraving, Inc.
Lombardy Engraving Inc.
Mason Engraving
Pedretti, G.S. - Incisori
Pilkington, Scott
Powley, Brian - Engravers
Pozzobon, T. EngravingArts
Ryan, Sidney L. - Engraving & Scrimshaw

 Questions or Suggestions

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 Fantasy weapons

Licata Custom Knives & Armor

 Home Pages

Anderssons, Kalle - Knivesida
Bigbore Messersite (D)
Chris & Sharyn Wells
Colección de cuchillos J.A.Sanchez
Crashlander (D)
Dennis Snoeijers
Familjen Wendlemans
George's Pictures
Hvorfor lave en knive?
Jerry's Knives
Kanji´s Web - Willkommen in
Leo's Messerschärfseite (D)
MacKnife Gallery
Mike Alexander's Belt Grinder
Morio Asahi in JAPAN
Mr Blonde's Knife Site
Pagina de Imanol
The Abode of Yob
Tom's messen

 Info & Fun

A Knife Like Bowies
A world of Balisong techniques
About a Sheffield knife, England
About Rockwell hardness
Ask Alan
Blade Glossary by S.C. Blades
Cards as Weapons
Celluloid Handles - A Firm Maybe
Crucible Service Centers
En ung knivmaker!
French for Knive
Hidetoshi Fukuba - Knife Photo's
Keen Kutter, Winchester, Diamond Edge
Knife Stuff - Knife Information/Archives
Kniv i skolen
Knives : Reviews, links, and laws
Le Petit Lexique de la Coutellerie
Mission Knives
Métallurgie (Fr)
The Mastermyr Project
The story of the Japanese sword
Tool Logic - Credit Card Tool Kit


Deception Cutlery by Theo - Minature Cutlery
NandN Vintage Costume Jewelry

 Khukuri knives

Gurkha House
Himalayan Imports
Khukuri - How it's made
Khukuri FAQ
Khukuri House
Sarki Shop

 Knive Blade Marking

Marking Methods Inc.
Martronics Corp. - Etch-O-Matic
Monode Marking Products
Schilling Tuttlingen Marking-Systems

 Knife Calendar

2002 calendar by Bruce Evans

 Knive Care

Cutlery Specialties - Ren Wax
NoRust Bags
Sentry Solutions Products
The Inhibitor System
White Lightning - Knife Lube

 Knive Discussion

Antracit - forum om smide, metallhantverk
Bayonet Forum
Buy Sharp Forums
Custom Knife Directory Forum
Forum des Couteliers Forgerons
Knife Shop - Discussions Forum
Knifenut Forums
Lynn Griffith Knives Forum
The Switchblade Forum

 Knive Display Cases

Bluegrass Case Co.
D&M Woodcraft's Display Case Co.
Flag cases, Knife cases, Sword cases
IndianRiver - Display Case Company
Meadows Display Cases
Nutcases - Soft Cases for Catering Knives
Roger's Custom Diplay Cases
Tomway - Knife Display Cases

 KnifeMakers TV - You must see!!


 Knifemakers without a own Homepage

Custom Knife Makers

 Knifemaking and Forging Video

Bruce Evans - How to forge a tomahawk
Center Cross Metal Works - Video Offers
David Brodziak - Knifemaking Video

 Knive Making and Tutorials

B. Evans - Knife Making Tutorials
Beginners help - Shop tips for Knife making
Beginners help - Tools by Bob Warner
Beginners help by Bob Warner
Blade Forging
Blade Geometry
Boyer Blades - Knife Info Page
Center Cross Panoramic Shop Tour
Custom Knife Directory Knifemaking Tutorials
Cyberblade Workshops & Tools
Decorative Pins
Don Fogg - The Way
Don Fogg Tips
Engnath - Lagacy of a Legend
Engnath, The Manual
Free Gas Forge Plans
French for Knive
Gatherwood, Buckx - Nederlandse handleiding
Gripmaking - Step by Step
How a Boyer Blade is made....
How to forge a blade by Andrew Jordan
How To Make A Slip Joint Pocketknife
How to make Knives
Khukuri - How it's made
Knife & Puzzle (Jap)
Knife Tutorial
Knifemaking - Step by Step
Knifemaking Tutorials by Chris Crawford
Knifemaking Tutorials by Rob Brown
Knifemaking with Titanium
Knivemakers Steel Chart by A.G. Russell
Lag din eigen kniv
Make a Puukko Finland
Making Knife
Making Your Own Knife
Metal Web News
Moss, JP - Knife Making Seminars
Ozark School of Blacksmithing
Ray Rogers Handcrafted Knives
Re wrap your handle
RSA Blades - Knifemaking Encyclopedia
Scale Prevention During Heat Treating by Terry Primos
Seadog Knives - Build your own knife
Smedning og Knive
Solderless Guards by Terry Primos
Some true words - Take care
Stone Knife - How to make
Testing Blades by Terry Primos
The Manual

 Knife Photography

Hidetoshi Fukuba - Knife Photo's
Knife Photography
KnifePhotography by Steven Korn
Terrill Hoffman Photography

 Knive Supply

3Blades Home
A&M Wood Specialty Inc.
Admiral Steel
Alpha Knife Supply
Americana LTD
Anchorage Cutlery
Anolaze Corp.
Arizona Dessert Ironwood
Atelier de fabrication d'objets en corne
Australian Knifemaking Supplies
Blade Fittings
Blades and More (D)
Borger, Wolf - Messer und Materialien
Brisa (Fin)
Coast Ivory
Custom Cutlery, Inc.
Custom Knives
Cyberblade Workshops & Tools
DamaSteel (S)
Deer Export, S.L.
Dhan - Blades and More
Di Bon & Centazzo - Fine materials (I)
DownieKnives - Knifemaking Supplies
Durafil France
Eisenbran Exotic Hardwoods
Engraving and Carving Tool
Fapa Acciai (It)
Gobec, Stefan - Supply
Gustav Scharnau GmbH - Schleifmittel
Halpern Titanium
Hanghøi knive
Harju’s Nordic Knife Supply
House of Tools
Ironwood - Burl Knife Handle Material
JANO Knives
Jantz Supply
Johnson, R.B. - Knife Supplies
K&G Finishing Supplies
Knifescales - Tom & Tori Howe
Koval Knives Knife Supplies
Leatherwork.Com - Sheaths
Linaa - Danmark
Lost Valley Knife Works
MacBeath Hardwood Company
Master Index of Knife Making Materials
Masurmannen - Masurbjörk
Meier Steel
Messerwerkstatt Dobner
Metal Clay!!
Metal Supermarkets
MetalSite: Global Metals Marketplace
Micro Fasteners
Mother of Pearl Company, Inc.
Native Sun Ivory & Knife Supply
Nordell Knives
On/Scene Tactical
PFG Knifemaking Supplies
Pop's Knife Making Supplies
Recknagel & Gebr. Recknagel - Präzisionsstahl
Riverside Machine Shop
Rivolta - Fine woods (It)
Sandia Forge
Sheffield Knifemakers Supply Inc.
Small Parts Inc.
Southwest Metal Supply Company
Talon Manufacturing - Knifemakers supply
Tandy Leather Company
Teräsrenki Oy - Knife steels
Texas Knifemaker's Supply
The Damascus Site
The Woodbox
Titanium Industries Inc.
Titanium Joe
Titanium Man
Tjäder Läder
Tree Stump Leathersheaths
Via Claudia - Messermanufaktur
Weiland, Reese - Knifemaking Supply
Winkoff's - Junkyard for Blacksmiths


Shops online A-Z
Swords & Armour
Deception Cutlery by Theo
Theo's Knive Pages - Updated 21-04-'02
Theo's Favorite USA Knivelinks

 Knife Wallpaper/Screensavers

British Knife Collectors Guild
Balisong Screensaver
Balisong Wallpaper

 Knive Throwing

American Knife Throwers Alliance
Axtwerfen und Messerwerfen
Bailiwick Enterprises
Making & Throwing Knives
Messerwerfen, Wurfmesser
The Great Throwzini
The Sticking Point
Thrower page
Throwing knives

 Knive Tools

A very cool beltgrinder(Jap)
Airhammer made by Michael Roth
Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Stock Co.Ltd
Batavia Engineering - Grinders
Batson Tool Store - Grinders, Buffers
Beaumont Metal Works
Beltgrinder made by Michael Roth
Crucible Service Centers
Cyberblade Workshops & Tools
DownieKnives - Knifemaking Equipment
Ed Caffrey - KMG grinder article
Ellingsen, Øyvin - Brenselforretning (N)
Forge Project
GRS tools
Hermes Abrasives, Ltd.
Home Built Belt Grinder
Industrial Abrasives Company
JANO Knives
Klingspor Abrasives Inc.
Knife Vise by Mike Starling
Micro-Mark - The Small Tool Specialists: Hobby Tools for Building Scale Models
Mike Alexander's Belt Grinder
Paragon Industries Inc. - Furnaces
Reil, Ron - Forge and Burner Design
Simple Air Hammer
Simple Beltgrinder idea
Simple beltgrinder plan
Talon Manufacturing - Engraving tools
Turbo Carver - Engraving and Carving Tool
Unigrinder pics (homemade)

 Leatherwork and sheats

Zenou, Maryline - Etuis couteaux, sellerie

 Link search

Depelchin, Gaston - French Knife and Gunlinks
The Knife Directory


AKI Knife and Machete
Barteaux Machetes, Inc.
Miami Machete Company
Ralph Martindale and Chillington Crocodile


Blacksmith's Journal
Blades International
Focus On Knives (It)
Knife World Publications
Knives Australia
Knives Illustrated
Krause Publications, Inc.
La Passion des Couteaux
Les Editions Crepin-Leblond
Tactical Knives
To the Point Magazine


ArtMetal Resource To Metalworking
Metal-Crafts Australia


ADW Custom Knives - Miniatures
Artesan Don Diego - Miniature Swords
Athro Mini Knives
Bailey, Joseph D.
Balisong World - Miniature Balisongs
Boos, R. - Miniature Swords & Weaponry
By The Sword, Inc. - Miniature Swords
Deception Cutlery by Theo - Miniature Cutlery
Don Diego
Gerber, Jack - Miniature Collector
Gold Mountain Forge - Spirit Knives
Imperial Miniature Armory
Kent Industries
Knives of Spain - Navajas
KranningKnives - Miniatures
Lion Steel - Coltellerie
Maserin Miniature knives
Mercury Miniature Knives
Miniature Arms Society
Miniature Index
Miniature Knifemakers Society
Miniatures-Scrimshaw by Bob Hergert
Narcisus Enterprises - Key Chain Knives
Ornamental Replica Firearms & Swords
Osborn, Gene - Miniatures Knives
Osterman Miniatures
Randall Model 25M
Rogers, William. Miniature Knives & Tools
Scar Custom Knives
Shahbaz Sports - Key Chain Knives
Slobodian Swords
Swords n Stuff - Medieval Miniatures
Szilaski, Joseph - Miniatures
Vachon, Yvon - Miniatures
Wilkinson Sword Mini-Swords
Witsaman, Earl


Blacksmith Online Museum
Fayet - Musée virtuel
Klingenmuseum Solingen
Kyoto National Museum
La Manufacture Royale d'armes
Le Musée de l'Opinel
Leeds Royal Armouries
Musée de la coutellerie de THIERS
Musée du Patrimoine Coutelier
National Knife Museum (USA)
Nogent - Le Musee
Norsk Skogbruksmuseum
Shepherd Wheel (Uk)
Site officiel de la Coutellerie
Solingen Klingenmuseum
Sword Museum (Jap)
Virtual museum - Islamic Daggers


De messenmaker, the cutler


!!Warning!! Unscrupulous "polisher".
Bushido Japanese Swords & Restoration
Dragonfly Sword Supplies
Japanese Art Swords
JohnD's Sword Polishing
Legacy Art Swords - Ted Tenold
Summer Child Polishing

 Razors & Shaving

RazorCentral - Home of the straight razor
Safety Razors and Shaving Collectibles


Perrin, Fred


Anne's corner - Engraving & Scrimshaw
Dragon Scrim Lair
Elizabeth Dolbare
Famoso, Oso - Galleria
Fargeot, Benoit - Scrimshaw
Mogan, Francis - Custom Creations
Originals by Pierce & Co.
Ristinen, Lori - Scrimshander
Scrimshaw by Deb Donnelly

 Second Hand

Photoboutique 1
Welcome to UsedKnife


Accusharp and Shearsharp
Arkansas Stones & Blademaster
Attleborough Accessories Online
Catrasharp Powered Knife Sharpener
CeraHone - Ceramic Sharpeners
Dan's Whetstone Company, Inc.
DMT-Diamonds are a Sharpeners Best Friend
EdgePro sharpening system
Eze-Lap Sharpeners
Hall's Arkansas Oilstones, Inc.
Harper Equipment
Hewlett Manufacturing - diamond knife sharpeners
Hocyo Wo Togo (Jap)
How to Sharpen a Knife
How to sharpen your knife
Klawhorn Industries
Lansky Sharpeners
Lapport Schleifmittel
Leo's Messerschärfseite
Messer schärfen, aber richtig
Razor Edge Systems
Razor Sharp Edgemaking System
Sharpening Central
Sharpening FAQ, by Joe Talmadge
Sharpening Serrations
Sharper Approach Knife Solutions
Sliping av kniv
Smith's Abrasives
Spee-D-Edge Manufacturing
Steve's Knife Sharpening Site
Taiwan Iou Shen Inter.
The Joy of Sharpening
Tigersharp Technologies
TORMEK Super Grind 2004
Tru Hone Corporation

 Special Items

Homemade Knives
Stone Knife
Wooden Swords??


APV Emporium - Fine Custom Knives
BurnKnives - Custom Italian Stilettos
Switchblade City


American Tomahawk Company
Armory Supply
Armory Supply
Beaver Bill - Forging Works
Jastown - Tomahawks
RMJ Forge
Szilaski, Joseph. Tomahawks
Tomahawks by Two Hawks
Wilson, R.W. - Tomahawks


Remembering Bob Engnath

 Uluchet Knife

Turner, P.J. - Knife Mfg.

 Visit a Show

Custom Folding Knife Show (Jap)
Online Knife Show
Las Vegas Classic Knife Show
Messer-Macher-Messe 2002
Knife Shows
Circolo del Coltello (It)

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